What kind of photography equipment do you use?

We use the latest camera technology with high resolution and advance image capture functionality. This enables us to get the best photoshoot outcome faster and better.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in this business for more than 10 years. We are a group of passionate photographers who have a great sense of cinematography. We have gathered a great amount of experience and skills that enable us to differentiate our photography style from others

Are you a successful photographer?

We are proud to tell you that all our customers have given rave reviews for our work. We take our work seriously and put maximum effort to get the best results. Our customers have also given testimonials about our quality services and timely delivery.

How much do you charge?

The price of photography depends entirely on the client's budget. We offer flexible packages based on hours and quality of editing to enable many customers to get their dream photographs for their future. We work with clients to understand their needs and suggest the right package based on their needs.

How far are you willing to travel?

We have expert photographers who can travel with you and take exotic photographs at destination weddings, outdoor functions, etc. The client will be bearing the accommodation and travel charges for the photographer. Our photographer will take a nice photograph that combines the location's natural beauty with unique camera art.

How long does it take to receive photographs?

In the case of weddings and other major functions for two or more days, we take 30 days to complete the editing and the final print after taking the photographs. For a smaller number of photographs with less editing, we can deliver within a week.

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